A man’s wealth is not in the purse he carries. A fat purse quickly empties there be no golden stream to refill it.

This is one of the wise quotes on – where the real wealth actually resides. In The Richest Man in Babylon, Kobbi and Bansir, who are the financially poor, are talking about Arkad who is the richest man in Babylon. In that conversation, Kobbi is explaining Bansir that how rich is Arkad, so much rich that even the king has asked to seek his advice on the treasury affairs of the kingdom. At this point, Bansir is thinking, what if he can get his hands on the fat wallet of Arkad so that he can get rid of his financial struggles. Kobbi quickly responds telling him the above quote.

The meaning of this quote is really simple. But still, there are people who focus on making large sums of money quickly instead of focusing on a scheme which can guarantee them a regular stream of income. A large sum of money can be quickly gone if you don’t focus on how to use it to make even more money. That’s the golden stream that Arkad managed to set up. He realized the fact that power doesn’t lie in a money sitting somewhere, but it is in making use of it to bring in even more.

Our previous post Secret of becoming wealthy, from the same book, also emphasizes the same fact and if you really understand the meaning behind this quote, then you would always focus on the golden stream so your wallet is always full.


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The Richest Man in Babylon