By fighting you never get enough, but by yielding you get more than you expected.

– Dale Carnegie

“If you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically” is one of the best principles in Dale Carnegie’s 75 years old book “How to Win Friends & Influence People.”

It is one thing to take responsibility for your mistake, but to admit it quickly and emphatically tests more than your courage. It means putting yourself in the situation and taking a risk that the other person will either blame you for your fault or accept your confession, pardon you, and move on.  You might feel insecure or threatened, and you may become defensive to protect your self-esteem.  However, though you might find it difficult, it will actually help you to feel liberated and establish authority. You will be seen as a more credible person when you are honest enough to own up your mistakes.

The idea here is to take the responsibility of a genuine mistake while you have a chance, as you would be exposed to the criticism anyway. Being proactive and letting the other person know that you have made a mistake and you are owning it, is a more prudent way to handle a potentially serious situation than trying to cover yourself.

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