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Quotes to help inspire the GOOD within you

Who is The Good Giver?

A Good Giver is someone who inspires others to achieve high success in all areas of life by offering them good thoughts, quotes, and ideas consistently.

– The Good Giver

Do you believe that changing your thoughts can change your life? We certainly believe in it, and we can make you believe in it too if you don’t agree already.

What do we do?

We love to read books; we love to share what we know with others. We think that reading is influential. Reading good content can change your life in a positive way. We want to explore the unknown as much as we can and want to share it with others through our blog posts and quotes.

Books have immense knowledge in them including but not limited to ideas, thoughts, and good quotes. However, not all of them are known to everyone. We want to unravel those and bring it to other people’s attention through our TheGoodGiver initiative. We continually spend time on looking for great content to write, either from our experiences or from the content we have read recently.

Every person has a positive and a negative side. We call them as our strengths and weaknesses; they have written some good and bad pages in our life. If you think deeply, you will realize that the more time one spends writing the right pages, the more motivated he or she will be to do good things in life. And contrarily, the more one scribbles the wrong pages, the more depressed he or she will be about life. We believe that our posts will inspire you to stimulate the positive side within your personality and eventually lead you to the success or the change you are worthy of. Trust us; our posts will make you recognize the power of thinking better, confident and towards your end goal. We wish everyone who visits our blog leaves it with a great sense of satisfaction and with a hope to come back again.

Who we are?

We are two individuals who are excited to inspire others to achieve success and accomplish their goals in life by sharing motivational content we read and thoughts we have on overall personal development. Without further ado, let us introduce ourselves.

Akshay Baviskar – I am a software engineer; I work on backend applications.  I am an avid reader. I like to play sports, especially Tennis and Soccer are my passion outside of reading of course. I have spent most of my life in India, interestingly Saugandh and I arrived on the same day to the United States back in 2009. You can reach me on Twitter at @AkshayBaviskar

Saugandh Shingare – I am a mechanical engineer turned supply chain management professional, which is my standard 9 to 5 job. When I am not working, I will be either sweating out in the gym or reading. I am a foodie, traveller, movie-buff, and passionate about creative work. You can reach me on Twitter at @SaugandhSS

We are originally from India. We enrolled in Syracuse University together for pursuing Masters degree. We have since shared similar thoughts on personal development, which brought us to a point where we decided to share content that is known and admired in the book we read. This idea has grown even bigger. Now we share our thoughts about various interesting personal development topics and living life in general. We believe these ideas will encourage you to become the person you want to be.

You can reach out to us on our own Twitter for any questions or suggestions.  Just drop us a message mentioning TheGoodGiver and we will be happy to help you out personally.


5 thoughts on “Who is The Good Giver?

  1. Excellent Work! Something like “Get Inspiration, Give Inspiration”
    Good inspiring quotes.. Your website will surely help people to grow better!!


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